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SCROLL DOWN to see some preview pages from our newly released garden book:"The Best Trees, Shrubs and Perennials for White Rock
and South Surrey"

At GREEN DESIGN, gardens become an art-form when colour, scale and balance merge, to provide an expression of beauty and a source of delight. Gardens can provide an atmosphere of rejuvenation and even inspiration! In our garden work, this is our goal.To achieve this, we offer two different approaches:2

1) DESIGN and PLANT INSTALLATION: see our Before and After page for examples of our work.

2) GARDENING TIPS: Susan posts monthly articles about gardening in our area on and If you would like to be notified of Susan's new posts, add your name to the email list on the CONTACT PAGE.

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  • garden book
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About Us

  Green Design-"Gardens To Live In" is a customized garden service whose focus is to provide you, the client, with year- round enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces. At Green Design our designer is Susan Wheeler. She is a gardener with years of 'hands-on' experience in garden designing, as well as in plant installation, and her focus revolves around the concept of, "right plant, right place". Susan will provide personal garden consultations for $150 per hour to ensure success with your garden plantings. She is a national Garden Design Award Winner, and she thrives on anything to do with colour, design and plants. At this time, there is a real need for knowledgeable and experienced advice in the landscaping profession, and so, we are very pleased to be of service to the residents of Ladysmith and area.

  Our specially customized approach allows the homeowner the choice of being involved in the transformation, as little, or as much, as they please. As part of our design process, we always have unusual and exceptionally beautiful new plants to introduce to the client. Also, we do suggest a step-by-step approach, that will outline the cost, so that the process is satisfying, not just visually, but financially, as well.

  All of the photos on this web-site were taken by our designer, Susan Wheeler, and all are images of her work (please visit her photography site at The plants have been selected for their appropriateness and beauty, and placed according to her designs. They encompass a wide range of different settings. To see the beautiful Art Cards that Susan has designed from her images, go to Art Cards.

Curb Appeal

  Our main focus is to use a majority of evergreen and
low-care plantings, as well as flowering shrubs, so that the curb
appeal is attractive, twelve months of the year. In addition, we
specialize in large container plantings, which are easy for the
homeowner to maintain and still have beautiful flowers and colour throughout the year.

  Beauty throughout the gardens is achieved with careful attention to detail. Texture, form and colour all blend together to achieve an interesting and cohesive whole. Choosing the right plant for the right place is 'key', and depends on the designer's knowledge and experience, as well as a trained 'eye'.

Scope Of Projects

  We have worked on projects both large and small. For example, total landscaping at new homes with nothing green at all (just piles of dirt), to smaller town-home gardens or court yards. Each project is unique, and always most interesting!




trees and shrubs

Plan your New Garden or Garden Renovation Now!

45 pages of photos and descriptions of the best, tried and true plants for the gardens in our area. New Book Release by
Susan Wheeler.
(A compilation of the very best trees, shrubs and perennials for zones 5 - 8)
$19.99 Cdn
Canadian Sales Only

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