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Some of these large planters are almost a 'garden' in themselves, and are changed out each season-- early spring, summer, autumn and even winter when they can be filled with boughs and berries and other interesting items. If the soil in these Winter planters is kept watered  and moist, the planters will look good from late November until March.
Large Planters
Small Planters

" In the Woodland Garden".... grab a good book,  perhaps a cool lemonade and then, just relax


  Small planters can become an entire corner of the garden and provide a lovely green nook, even if set on ground that is unplantable, such as pavement, as seen in the fourth picture where normally nothing could grow.

These planters can be extremely versatile. For example, they can be used to fill an empty space in the garden in late summer or also, in early spring when few plants are blooming. If the small planters are set up on iron stands, our method of hiding the base of the "underpinnings" can make them seem just part of the garden. It then becomes a simple task to keep the flowers well-groomed, thus providing the gardener with more time just to "relax and enjoy!"


           © Susan E Wheeler 2009
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