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  These photos show the types of planting combinations that have been used in spring gardens. Most of the plantings are at least a few years old, and this will give a good idea of how specific plants will develop. The images show the gardens after about 4 years and almost all of the original plantings needed to be removed at the beginning of these projects. The placement of each new plant has been very deliberate. Often, the subtle shadings of one colour will be repeated in another plant nearby. Watch for this appearing. Notice, also, how the range of textures can provide interest, even if the photo is just greenery.
   Many of the plants are perennials and the evergreens are often dwarf varieties that stay neat and require only a little maintenance. The pathways are filled on either side with a combination of evergreen plantings, interspersed with perennials and annuals. With this type of design, the gardens look inviting throughout all seasons because there is always something colourful or evergreen to enjoy.

   Notice that some pots, left unplanted, have been placed right into the gardens because they, themselves, are sculptural, and they 'draw the eye in'. We hope you find it pleasant to virtually pause on these pathways and wander throughout the gardens.

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