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   These water features show how even very small pots or fountains can be used in your gardens. The gentle sounds of the falling water give such a feeling of tranquillity -- time really seems to slow down, just a little. Many different types of vessels can be made into water features and are very easily set up, Even if the power supply is not close by, there are ways around this challenge! 

   In the picture of the large, bronze herons, there is actually no water pot here, but the strappy leaves of the daylilies hint at water being nearby, and they would be the perfect accompaniment to a water feature.  The large blue-green hosta would also be a good choice near a water pot, in a shady area of the garden. It is particularly important to choose the right plants to enhance the look of this type of vignette. The plants chosen for all of the water features were carefully considered for their effect. Some are annuals, but most are perennials that will perform very well, year after year.

  Some water pots can be bubbly, and can provide a pleasant sound to mask unwanted noise from traffic, for example. Other pots can be used to plant a small water garden, complete with a suitable grouping of plants, and even a 'frog', or two!  Japanese lanterns also suit the environs of a water feature and can be especially beautiful in the early evening, with a small tea light inside, for illumination. If there is a comfortable chair or bench placed nearby, the picture is complete! 

 © Susan E Wheeler 2009
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